Friday, June 26, 2009

A little bit of a change to our blog

Initially we set up two blogs, Horizons LTD's Garden Emporium, then when we discovered no one had grabbed the great title Garden Emporium we snagged it, too. Since we had two blogs we figured we'd double post and maximize our exposure and readership...

After thinking about it, we decided that wasn't really the best way to do things.

So... after putting out brilliant minds together, we opted to focus on two different very important areas of importance to gardeners: tools and gardening tips / articles.

This blog will focus on tool usage, tips, what works best in various circumstances and similar topics. Our Garden Emporium blog will stick to the ins and outs of gardening. Sure, there are going to be some cross-overs, but at least we won't be putting the same articles on two different blogs!

We've added feeds from both blogs to our new Twitter account: and being the tech savvy types that we are, we've added a twitter feed to our main website,

Cool, huh? Next we're going to set up a Facebook fan page or two or ten and we're going to put some video demos on YouTube. Not sure if we're going to add a MySpace page... whatcha think? should we do it?

Wonder what the next big "thing" will be on the Internet? Twitter seems to have been the proverbial storm that swept the globe in recent months.

Hey, want to have a bit of fun? You can garden on Facebook! Yep, I have a personal account and I've received untold numbers of requests to water gardens and grow stuff. Seems if you don't keep up your garden will die. Me, I have enough to keep up with in my real garden!

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